PreCOP of Civil Society of Escazú: Register as an attendee!

The PreCOP of Escazú, a crucial event on the road to COP3 of the Escazú Agreement, will take place on April 19 and 20, 2024 at the Centro Cultural de España, located at Av. Providencia 927, Santiago, Chile.

This meeting is a space for dialogue and collaboration aimed at building bridges between defenders of human rights and nature, citizens, leaders, experts, civil society organizations, authorities and communities committed to environmental protection and environmental democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean. It seeks to foster collaboration and the strengthening of alliances and capacities to address the environmental challenges we face as a region, and is an opportunity to participate in crucial dialogues and be an active part of the change towards a more sustainable future.

We invite all interested people to register as attendees and participate in the different events that will take place. To register, you only need to fill out a form.

For more information about the PreCOP of Escazú and how to participate, we invite you to go to Join us in this important step towards building an environmentally just and sustainable future for all. Your participation makes a difference!

Also, if you wish to contribute as a volunteer in the realization of this important event, we invite you to complete this form.